TAKE ACTION: Support folks robbed by the city in the sweeps!

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Jonathan

TAKE ACTION: Support folks robbed by the city in the sweeps!

Art, Music and Collective Action
Saturday, June 22, 2019, 1:30-3:30pm
Hosted by Stolen Belonging and Coalition on Homelessness
Location: DPW Operations Yard back gate at the intersection of Kansas and Marin St., where one is supposed to ask the guard to retrieve their confiscated belongings.
Action Outreach Flyer to print and hand out to your unhoused neighbors. There are detailed directions on how to get there by bus on the back page.

Action Details:

Join Coalition on Homelessness,
the Stolen Belonging project, houseless residents, housing justice advocates,
human rights lawyers and ‘housies’ who want to hold the city accountable for
the ongoing theft and violence against those who currently have no roof. This
creative action will feature art and written stories gathered by the Stolen
Belonging team over the last 7 months, spoken word, and music by Brass
Liberation Orchestra. Our main initiative, however, will be supporting and
witnessing unhoused folks in their efforts to retrieve possessions taken in the
sweeps, which, as SF
city policy states
, should be bagged, tagged and stored at the DPW yard for

90 days. In the majority of cases, the belongings should have never been taken
in the first place.

*We are asking housed folks to
bring survival gear or supplies to donate since we know the city has likely
trashed or stolen their things in violation of human and constitutional rights,
not to mention SF’s own policies. If you’re able to do so, please leave a
comment in this
event page
for what you commit to bringing (include quantity and

description), or send an email here.

There will be some food and
drinks, though priority will be given to houseless folks. Feel free to bring
snacks and/or drinks to share! Print and hand out this outreach flyer to let your homeless
neighbors know about this event and inform them that our team, human rights
lawyers and advocates will be on site to record their story of what’s been
taken and the impact its had on them.

This is a kid and family friendly

For more information on the issue, check out our What’s Happening
page, watch our video
, and listen to a former DPW worker

explain how they trash, steal and even sell items they take in the sweeps, as
well as how the city is failing to train them on proper city policies or

#StolenBelongng #StopTheSweeps!

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