WRAP disseminates critical information on the most pressing issues our communities face. Knowledge is power in our struggle for social justice, equity, and housing for all. We hope you put it into action!

WRAP Brochure

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WRAP Organizers Manual

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What follows is a manual based on the experiences of WRAP members. Wrap Exists To Expose And Eliminate The Root Causes Of Civil And Human Rights Abuses Of People Experiencing Poverty And Homelessness In Our Communities.
Part 1 details outreach’s benefits, relationship to organizing, techniques, and guiding principles.
Part 2 details effective strategies for police monitoring that our member organizations have variously called “Street Watch” or “Community Watch”— outreach designed specifically to systematically document patterns of civil rights violations and to lay the ground for their redress.

Housing Issues

Without Housing: Decades of Federal Housing Cutbacks, Massive Homelessness and Policy Failures Download PDF

Without Housing 2010 Update Download PDF

Sin Vivienda Informe Actualizado 2010 Download PDF

Housing Rights Campaign Demands Download PDF

The Systemic Inadequacy of Bush’s Homelessness Policy Download PDF

Primer on Transforming Rental Assistance Download PDF

Transforming Rental Assistance: The Basics Click Here

Summary of New Federal Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness Download PDF

Without Housing High School Curriculum Download PDF


 Know Your Rigths 

This summer, the Systemic Justice Project—a policy innovation group created by Harvard Law School students—worked with local organizers to create Know Your Rights pamphlets for all ten of the communities banded together in the Stop the Sweeps campaign. Over the course of their research into local ordinances and constitutional protections, each of the interns remarked on how—while technically and theoretically unhoused people maintain rights the state must adhere to—basic civil rights are uniformly ignored, violated, and worked around. 

Know Your Rigths Austin, TX Download PDF

Know Your Rigths Chico, CA Download PDF

Know Your Rigths Denver, CO Download PDF

Know Your Rigths New York, NY Download PDF

Know Your Rigths Oakland, CA Download PDF

Know Your Rigths Portland, OR Download PDF

Know Your Rigths Sacramento, CA Download PDF

Know Your Rigths San Francisco, CA Download PDF

Know Your Rigths Santa Rosa, CA Download PDF


 Civil Rights Issues

DIRTY DIVIDE: “OUT OF SERVICE” A case study of public health inequity skid row, Los Angeles by LACANDownload PDF

US NINTH CIRCUIT OF APPEALS decision – June 19, 2014 Download PDF

An Examination of Portland’s BID: Their History and Approach by Caitlin Burke Download PDF

Strategizing the Right to the City: BIDs and Homeless People Download PDF

Business Improvement Districts Fact Sheet Download PDF

Street Watch Training Manual Download PDF

Without Housing, Without Rights Download PDF

Without Rights Concept Paper Download PDF

Department of Justice Request for Investigation of LAPD Central Division Misconduct by LA CAN Download PDF


Publications from WRAP Allies

Has the Safer Cities Initiative in Skid Row Reduced Serious Crime? By Gary Blasi and Forrest Stuart Download PDF

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National Reports & Other Publications

Cruel, Inhuman, and degrading: Homelessness in the United States by  National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty 

California HBR Legislation 2012 Bill AB5