Members drive WRAP’s work. Members pay dues, engage in community organizing, leadership development, and street outreach. This is what WRAP does for our members:

“WRAP helps Los Angeles Community Action Network build the movement for economic human rights by connecting grassroots, place-based organizations working on homelessness and extreme poverty.  This is the only way to build a people’s movement that remains rooted in and accountable to members.  These issues and solutions require national and international change, but the impacts must be real for homeless and other extremely poor people in their daily lives in their communities.  That is what WRAP is attempting to build.” —Pete White and Becky Dennison, Co-Directors, Los Angeles Community Action Network

“WRAP cements the relationship between the streets, policy and the larger movement regionally and nationally. It helps give us credibility and reach a broader audience with our messaging.” —Israel Bayer, Director, Street Roots, Portland, Oregon

Interested in getting involved? Check out our membership structure and give us a call.

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