Our campaign works hand in hand to stop the street-level disregard for poor people’s civil and human rights and to pressure the federal government to reinvest in affordable housing programs. We do this through these strategies:

1. Organizing and Training

We identify the issues of deep concern to our constituencies through street outreach and work for collective change on those issues. This includes designing organizing tools and holding trainings that build skills, knowledge, power, leadership, and democratic participation.

2. Research and Public Education

We produce and distribute timely and accurate information to support our campaigns. This research culminates in our reports, artwork, fact sheets, training materials, and media. We speak regularly at community meetings, public hearings, social forums, conferences, and universities.

3. Advocacy

We take the issues and priorities developed through our research, public education, and community organizing and advocate for policy change at the highest levels of government.

4. Civil Rights and Legal Support

We address the critical unmet legal needs of our communities through know your rights and street watch trainings, citation defense, and impact litigation.

5. Direct Action

We exercise our right to assemble and hold decision makers publicly accountable for changing policies that harm our communities.