WRAP’s 2016 Annual Report

Posted on April 25, 2017 by Jonathan

WRAP 2016 Annual Report is out and about, even though it is the first one we have done in the 12 years WRAP has been in existence! But we thought this year, more than ever, it was important to remind ourselves just how powerful a force we can be when we all come together to celebrate our collective strength and our hearts.

When we truly embrace a human rights context to our system of governance, then homelessness, racism, classism, people dying of clearly preventable causes, people in prison for profit… all these manifestations of fear and greed will be relics of our past.
With your support we have built a powerful organizing force with amazing artwork, inclusive campaigns, indisputable research and a dedication to Human Rights that we are very very proud of.

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2016 WRAP Annual Report>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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