DHOL Weekly Updates and Main Meeting 1/4

Right to Rest Get Involved Kick Off This Saturday Saturday January 7th, 2017 1-3pm Denver Homeless Out Loud Office (Centro Humanitario) – 2260 California St Denver (Purple Building on California and Park Ave) Join us to learn about the 2017…

Homeless People Win the Blocks Back!!!

Today, November 16 2016, 12:30pm over a hundred homeless people marched across the street and set back up their make shift “homes” of shopping carts, tarps, and the like back up on the blocks of Lawrence, Broadway, and Park Ave.…

Homeless People Refuse to Be Swept “Away”

Be back to Lawrence and Broadway bright and early tomorrow (11/16) morning for continued sweeps. Today, November 15 2016, homeless people who have been surviving together on the streets by Lawrence and Broadway refused to be forced away – to…
Homeless people make local gains in San Francisco

Homeless people make local gains in San Francisco

Post-Election Op-Ed by Jennifer Friedenbach Trump isn’t the only surprise winner this election season. Here in San Francisco, homeless people had a major win, despite all the trump style shenanigans coming from our local policy makers.  With San Franciscans top…

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