Denver, CO. SWEEPS week of 5/3-5/7/21

Posted on April 30, 2021 by Jonathan

In 2020 we saw the most amount of SWEEPS we have ever seen. There were 34 SWEEPS in 2020. This week we will witness SWEEPS 33-35. This is unprecedented in the city of Denver. It has become so pervasive that what we are seeing is that increasing numbers of people are going back to the exact same spot. SWEEPING people does not work! DOTI has planned 3 SWEEPS THIS WEEK on Tuesday 5/4 at 9th between Acoma and Lincoln, Wednesday 5/5 at 4th and Grant Street and 4th and Broadway and Thursday 5/6 at W. Eans Ave, including W Evans service road, between S. Galapago st. and S. Elati st. and on S. Elati street between W. Evans Ave. and W. Asbury Ave. The SWEEPS will begin each day at 6:30 a.m. (although they have been starting at 5:30am)
Bring the following things to assist residents:

-Truck, or any vehicle to help move
-Bungee Cords
-Trash Bags
Please come and support our unhoused community members as they demand real housing or places where they are allowed to survive.
Your advocacy is much appreciated!
Toward Rights, Dignity and Housing…


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