Portland, OR. Save Hazelnut Grove

Posted on January 5, 2021 by Jonathan

We are writing today to request your endorsement on a petition and campaign to save Hazelnut Grove. Hazelnut Grove is a self-governed tiny cabin village in North Portland. It is a community, a village, and a model for housing in a time when we need good ideas and viable options for stable housing. Although the village is small and its continued existence won’t solve the housing crisis facing so many people right now, it is one model which represents important principles.

The principles represented are that unhoused people know how to create safe stable housing for themselves with limited assistance from local government. The governmental assistance, in the form of port-o-potties, fencing, and garbage service are critical, however the cost is low and the inhabitants with their community supporters provide all the rest; construction, maintenance, security, and governance. The Metro area is actively seeking to change building codes and regulations to allow for more of these creative and humane housing alternatives, so Hazelnut Grove should be an inspiration not a site for demolition. In fact, the site of Hazelnut is one of the areas proposed for ‘outdoor shelter’ in Volume 1, page 8 of the Shelter to Housing Continuum Project Proposal.

Add your organization to the growing number of groups who recognize that the city of Portland has an obligation to leave Hazelnut Grove undisturbed. Below is a petition to support the continued existence of Hazelnut Grove. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions: we’ll respond by email or would be happy to come to a meeting with your organization to discuss the village. Join us in preserving a place and an idea that has provided comfort and a good night’s sleep for many over the last 5 years.

We welcome your organizational endorsement and invite you to share this information and the petition with your entire community by visiting, linked below.


Barbra (Barbie) Weber
Poor People’s Campaign Coordinating Committee member.
Resident of Hazelnut Grove

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