Denver, CO. Sweep of Encampment at 19th and Welton Tuesday

Posted on October 7, 2020 by Jonathan

How Many Sweeps Does it For the City to Learn…

For the fourth week in a row, the City of Denver plans to SWEEP another encampment (this time 19th and Welton) to nowhere. Some residents of this camp at 19th and Welton shared with us today how they were kicked out of the Samaritan House Family shelter for having “stayed their time” and, after calling all other family shelters and signing up for section 8 lottery, they are now on the streets with no other options of where to go. (See interview here

Moving people who have nowhere to go with no answer does not work. It is time we start using our brains and our hearts, instead of continuing this shameful whack-a-mole.

Contact City Council to ask for support for our budget proposals for housing and sanitation resources.

Please come and support our unhoused community members at 19th and Welton and support residents of this encampment as they demand real housing or places where they are allowed to survive.
Bring the following things to assist residents:
-Truck, or any vehicle to help move
-Bungee Cords/Rope
-Trash Bags
Your assistance is much appreciated! Somewhere around 7am and all morning help will likely be needed.
Toward Rights, Dignity and Housing…


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