Denver, CO. Sweeps Scheduled for Tuesday (9/29) and Wednesday (9/30): When will this Move along To NOWHERE End…

Posted on September 28, 2020 by Jonathan

There are two more sites where people without housing live that are slated to be swept next week. 21st and Market/Blake is currently home to about 60 people without housing – some of whom have been living for months, some who moved there recently from the 22nd st sweep or the 25th st sweep. This site was posted for a sweep the same day as residents from 25th and Arapahoe moved to this site in search of anywhere to be. 25th and Welton is currently home to another 60 or so people without housing. Most of the residents on the right of way strip on 25th have been living there for many months. Others living in the parking lot area have moved there recently after other sweeps.

Residents of these encampments all ask the same question: where are we supposed to go?? The City has done nothing to get these people access to housing. They are not even being offered hotel rooms through the COVID FEMA funding. They are being told to either go to a shelter or go to jail.

Come support residents of these encampments as they demand real housing or places where they are allowed to survive.

Bring the following things to assist residents:
-Truck, or any vehicle to help move
-Bungee Cords/Rope
-Trash Bags

Your assistance is much appreciated! Somewhere around 7am and all morning help will likely be needed.

Toward Rights, Dignity and Housing…


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