Denver, Co. Funding for Sanitation Resources Going Well Thanks to YOU!! Can we make it to 25k??!

Posted on September 15, 2020 by Jonathan

It is half way through September and we have made just over $14,000 toward maintaining our Sanitation Stations at encampments!! That is huge!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to all of you who have donated to make this possible! With this amount we can pay for at least September and October. If we make another $11,000 by the end of this month we will have enough to pay for these services at the 5 encampments we are currently serving for the rest of 2020!

What does this pay for exactly?? Five portable toilets serviced 5 days a week, moving charges after police sweeps, pay for a resident of the encampment to do an extra cleaning of the portable toilet each day, cleaning supplies, and some of the supplies to maintain the handwashing stations (done together with Mutual Aid Denver).

Again, we must note, this should be the city’s responsibility. The city currently has a contract with Liberty Waste that could pay for portable toilets and handwashing stations at every encampment around town. CDC guidance tells cities to provide these sanitation resources to every encampment of 10 people or more. But they continue to ignore our demand that this basic human resource be provided. We will continue to make this demand heard…

In the meanwhile… your donations to pay for toilets and handwashing ensures at least 5 encampments, totaling at least 350 people, have access to a toilet and soap and water to wash their hands. Something every person needs and deserves.

Please share this call for donations with your friends and family!

You can donate on paypal, check, or with cash as laid out on this link.

If you donate, please note “for sanitation resources” so we can keep track of the fund coming for this need.

Please contact us with any questions, donations, or ongoing funding.

We are over half way toward funding these services for the rest of 2020… let’s make this happen!!

Contact us at:

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