Oakland, CA. For Immediate Release:Black, Brown, Disabled, Houseless & Poor people teach a workshop on how they have built a community that NEVER engages with PoLice

Posted on July 17, 2020 by Jonathan

Press Contact:Lisa Garcia/Leroy Moore (510) 435-7500 – email:

Black, Brown, Disabled, Houseless & Poor people teach a workshop on how they have built a community that NEVER engages with PoLice thru a powerful healing model of accountability
This workshop teaches how a landless people’s self-determined movement NEVER engages with poLice or any state agencies of terror and instead built an indigenous/poor people healing model of accountability, respect, and care which we call the “Elephant Council”

In this Workshop featuring the poor, unhoused, disabled, Black, Brown, Indigenous, elder and youth leaders, artists, cultural workers of POOR Magazine/PrensaPOBRE, PoorNewsNetwork(PNN)/Homefulness who have practiced this concept for 21 years, even throughout their own collective traumas, colonization, gentriFUKation, family violence, eviction, incarceration, displacement, betrayal AND the attempted take-down of the landless people’s movement called Homefulness.

Walking & wheeling this swag among a poor and indigenous peoples-led movement means facing our demons ALL THE TIME.. because we all come out of collective trauma experiences of racism, white supremacy, ableism, family violence, false borders, eviction, houselessness, criminalization, elder/child abuse, sexual violence, rape, incarceration, poLICE violence genderism, hate crimes and so much more

This workshop will take participants through the model of the Elephant Council – a poor, indigenous people/traumatized peoples accountability, circle which includes a redefinition of the silently violent western white supremacist notion of security and enables us to hold each other through trauma and institute a true definition of interdependent safety. Let’s be honest over 70% of police calls are petty and can be solved without police. In this workshop, we go within to solve our community’s problems. At this critical point today with the talk of defunding police, we must be that transition not only in responsibility, love for our neighbors but be ready for those funds that must come back to our community. It’s a new mind shift and a different way we see our community. We must know that any major transition in this country takes time and an openness to relearn, knowing that we will make mistakes but also knowing we must have each other’s backs.

Thru Participatory exercises, theatre, prayer and poetry, Poverty SKolaz and Elephant Co-Leaders Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, Leroy Moore, Muteado Silencio, Aunti Frances Moore and more will take us all through one way of a collective shift away from the lie of state-sponsored murder and into the realness of what we can build ourselves
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