Denver Tent Count: July 17th Join us!

Posted on July 6, 2020 by Jonathan

When: July 17th 2020
1pm – 4pm (ish)
8pm – 10pm (ish)

Where: Denver Homeless Out Loud office – 2260 California st Denver CO 80205 (and then to the streets…)

What: We will be meeting at the office and then dividing up and going to encampments to count tents and talk with encampment residents about resident numbers.

Why: To better understand the scale of our housing crisis…


Contact Denver Homeless Out Loud to RSVP and let us know if you drive a car, bike, or other mode of transportation, as well as if you can do the day shift or night shift or both.

Phone – 720-940-5291

Email –


Mass homelessness has been a thing in the US for about 40 years now. Since low-income housing was slashed in the early 80’s homelessness has continued to grow… For years cities have tried to hide the scale of the crisis by using police and laws to push poor and homeless people out of sight out of mind. Now, with a global pandemic and a powerful movement against racism and police, cities – including Denver – have been forced to step back on the use of police to try and hide homelessness. While Denver has still tried to sweep encampments a few times over the past few months, for the most part – more than ever before – encampments have been able to remain visible in public. This has started to show our society the scale of our housing crisis. Furthermore, this is just those who are homeless now… in the next few months we may begin to see even more folks on the streets as evictions begin kicking people to the curb who have lost their job in this pandemic and no way to pay rent.

That is why this is the time – right now – to get a better understanding of how big our homelessness crisis is!$% Join us July 17th to count tents across Denver. Let’s find out just how many people are living on our streets without being able to afford housing.


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