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Posted on March 26, 2020 by Jonathan


Help my neighbors with laundromat quarters and cleaning supplies

I live at the Altamont Hotel, which is an SRO (single resident occupancy) run by Mission Housing. I’ve brought up to them that it makes sense for dealing with bed bugs to always have the laundromat be free. However, it makes even more sense in a pandemic to avoid unnecessary public exposure. Maybe after this they’ll get the message!

Emergency vendor support fund

San Francisco and Alameda Counties have ordered their residents to shelter in place. This will have a disproportionate impact on the people who sell Street Sheet and Street Spirit, who rely on foot traffic to sell newspapers. As cafes, theaters, and restaurants close, the people who sell our papers will lose the bulk of their clientele. As a result, vendors who are able to have already begun sheltering in place.

Homeless Youth Alliance/Coalition On Homelessness Tent Donation Drive
Shameless grovelling for tents, Part 2.

Brian Edwards
674 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Christin Evans
632 Ashbury St
San Francisco, CA 94117

Tent Replacement Fundraiser

TL;DR: Support our campaign to bring survival gear back to our unhoused neighbors! Give if you can, share if you can’t

We all believe that everyone deserves a safe, warm, and dry place to sleep at night. However, San Francisco’s cops and city workers are stealing our unhoused neighbors’ tents, medicine, food, and survival gear on a daily basis.

Our society casts aside people that it can’t profit from and drives them into homelessness. Disproportionately, our unhoused neighbors are immigrants, queer and trans people, Black and Brown people, physically disabled people, neurodivergent people, people who use drugs, and survivors of domestic abuse.

Happening today in SF Christin Evans caught a Sweep taking place… March 24, 2020 

“Today I was driving under the 101 overpass where many of our homeless neighbors put up there tents. I saw two officers in their vehicle stopped by the center median where a tent was erected. I circled back around because I was concerned they were going to take the tent.

By the time I safely circled around, the DPW truck had already arrived and the tent removed into the back of the city truck. I started recording video. You’ll see the worker putting cardboard in but he’d already grabbed the tent, a nicely bundled bedroll and belongings.

I parked safely and approach the police car & motioned to the police officers to come out of their vehicle to speak with me. The first officer let me take a picture of his jacket but had no interest in speaking with me and got back in the police vehicle.

I approached the DPW worker and asked to film him and he declined. But he said he was just doing what he was told to do. And I took a picture of his truck and the belongings he’d put in the back.

Then the second police officer came out of the vehicle and said he’d speak with me on camera (legally I have the right to do this anyway but I still asked permission/gave notice I’d be doing it)

The video of our interaction cut off before I finished speaking with him but here is the start of our conversation…

Here is a recording of my partial conversation with a police officer who called in DPW to take a tent, bedroll and belongings of a homeless person today

So our conversation continued after this where I explained to him what our county health officer has said… that homeless people need to seek shelter, do their best to stay healthy and clean. He insisted that the property was abandoned…

Matt Haney & Dean Preston – I know you are trying to talk sense to our mayor, Jeff Kositsky and HSH/DPW/SFPD but sweeps HAVE to stop now!!! There needs to be sanctioned places where people can leave their tent and belongings to use the bathroom and get food, etc.”


East Oakland Collective
Our Efforts re COVID-19
Serving our unhoused brothers/sisters and other vulnerable populations across Oakland (seniors, disabled, people with pre-existing health conditions).
We are resourcing food. We pick up and distribute food from restaurants, caterers, and cancelled catered events. We distribute individually packaged meals. We are not accepting home cooked meals. If you are a restaurant or caterer with leftover food, please contact us.
We are purchasing and distributing critical sanitation and general supplies. We are in need of the following supplies: hand sanitizer, disinfect wipes (Clorox or off brand), disinfect spray (Lysol or off brand), no-shower body wipes, rubbing alcohol, Aloe Vera gel, gloves, vitamin C drink packets, water bottles, masks, heavy duty tarps, shoe slip covers, drinking water jugs.

The Village Oakland

Building tiny homes, feeding people, building handwashing stations.

Need Handwashing Stations for Unhoused People

During this critical time when we are trying to prevent the spread of covid-19 and protect our loved ones, we also have to rally around to support the unhoused people in our communities. Right now, over 5,000 people in Berkeley and Oakland are experiencing homelessness. People who live in tent encampments are at higher-risk of getting the virus because they live in close quarters and lack hygiene resources. Also, the disease is more likely to be life-threatening for them due to poor nutrition, chronic health conditions, and lack of access to health care.
People who live in tent encampments are at higher-risk of getting the virus because they live in close quarters and lack hygiene resources. Also, the disease is more likely to be life-threatening for them due to poor nutrition, chronic health conditions, and lack of access to health care.

People’s Breakfast Oakland

POOR Magazine 

Self-Help Hunger Program

Where Do We Go? Berkeley

Prior to COVID-19 our GoFundMe page raised a little over $12,000 to pay for 150 tents, tent heaters, mylar blankets, tarps, medicine, etc. for the 4 largest homeless encampments in Berkeley.
Andrea’s Encampment Update March 17th – 19th
Since COVID-19 hit we have reached our $15,000 goal for winter but not for helping the most vulnerable through a pandemic. We continue to provide tents, tarps and food. We immediately installed 4 more porta potties in our camps for a total of 6. The maintenance fee alone is $852 a month. We will purchase tents for isolation in case any of our residents experience COVID-19 symptoms.


Food for Punks with Lunch

Mutual aid spreadsheet with locations/more info via Punks With Lunch

We are a harm reduction based homeless outreach organization in West Oakland that hands out harm reduction supplies and food.
We are an all volunteer run organization and we pay for all our food through private donations. We really want to let people make the choice in where they wish their money to go for our organization, so we started this food-only crowdfunding campaign. 
We spend an average of $100-$150 a week on food supplies and we just ran out so we are starting another fundraiser.


A total of 81 people in hotel rooms tonight managed by the Santa Cruz Chapter of the California Homeless Union Officers and Keith McHenry with Food Not Bombs. We did this in one evening. The City & County have no excuses to not provide motel vouchers and necessary services, and they should be seeking our assistance to get the job done.


LA CAN, Skid Row Power, Street Watch LA Handwashing Stations

LA CAN is building a bottom-up grassroots network for Handwashing. We rely on our friends and supporters to make DIY handwashing stations. We place these handwashing stations with street community leaders. We call on their housed neighbors to back them up, let them take water to refill the stations and keep supplies like liquid soap and sanitizer. Our community members will be staying #SaferAtHome, but their home is right there on the street, where they can maintain the stations, explain how they work, share knowledge about safe practices in the face of #covid19, and generally support their community.


Feed/supply the encampment unhoused/ corona virus
Sacramento Homeless Union


I need help…so with the corona virus COV19 everything is being shut down in sacramento. Stores, restaurant, liquor stores, things are becoming drive through only.The unhoused depend on Access of churches, starbucks ect for food AND places where they can utilize change and ebt. It is all closing down.

Sacramento COVID-19 Mutual Aid Spreadsheet
This crisis is our opportunity to start building the community care and support systems we so sorely need, now and beyond. Please feel free to input any info. you are comfortable sharing, and what you are in need of, or what you can offer. Please be as specific as possible. If you are someone who can offer assistance, please do look through the “what are you in need of” column, to fulfill requests. Please check this document regularly and share it far and wide–the more people participating, the
better!! Love and solidarity, ~Elliott Geneste de Besme <3 P.S.–If you have any issues with this spreadsheet, my contact info. is in the first line. 


Sisters Of The Road 


Every penny counts…
Right 2 Survive’s aim is to educate as many people as possible, this can only be made possible by generous contributions from people like you.

PDX Mutual Aid Network

In a time of crisis, we can respond to the needs of our community with collective power and mutual aid. Please make a donation today to support the efforts of PDX COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network.

PDX COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network is an all-volunteer grassroots group operating in the territories of the many tribes who have made their homes near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, including Multnomah, Wasco, Cowlitz, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Bands of Chinook, Tualatin, Kalapuya, and Molalla.



We are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak by providing sanitation, food, connection to resources, and other necessities. Together we can aid one another and emerge as a stronger community.

Denver Homeless Out Loud Demands


Demands of the Unhoused Community Regarding COVID-19 Response

Mayor Hancock’s declaration of the state of emergency leaves the unhoused community with no protection. As people without housing are unable to follow the CDC’s guidelines without a house to wash up, get rest, isolate oneself, ect. our city must take action to protect all those without housing in at least the following ways:

Front Range Mutual Aid Network Community Fund

COVID-19 Denver Area Community Resources + Updated Medical Information

This community resource document put together by University of Colorado medical students was inspired by & heavily draws from the Bay Area/LA County Community Resources documents developed by the folks at Freedom Community Clinic and Los Angeles County. Our intent is to foster community health, well-being, and solidarity during this unprecedented time, as well as to connect volunteers with organizations in need. Please email if you know of any resources not on this list, especially those that would benefit our most vulnerable community members.

Please note that all resources will be updated as regularly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that all information is up-to-date. Please contact specific organizations prior to making a trip to visit them to confirm they are available. We do not specifically endorse any business or organization and aim to share useful information during this challenging time.

Si habla Espanol: Información en Español (pagina 3)

Otros Recursos 

Gente y Dignidad  COVID-19 Latinx documento vivo y publico

Gente y Dignidad
COVID-19 Latinx Justice
Conversatorios Virtuales en Español

Y este es nuestra hoja en vivo de recursos para compartir.

Si no les importa, y si encuentran recursos que sean válidos y relevantes a la comunidad inmigrante y en Español, favor de dejamelos por aquí, con una descripción pequeñísima se lo que es y quien lo hizo, sale vale?

Este conjunto de documentos editables es un recurso con sede en EE. UU. Especialmente para la comunidad Latinx inmigrante y/o que hablen Español. Estamos trabajando en este documento para que se comparta con el público en nuestro primer conversatorio este 26 de Marzo del 2020, este enlace es para registrarse amorosamente!



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