Stop the Sweeps Coalition | URGENT: Please Call Elected Officials to Say STOP THE SWEEPS! OREGON

Posted on March 24, 2020 by Jonathan

Stop the Sweeps coalition | URGENT: Please Call Elected Officials to Say STOP THE SWEEPS! OREGON

In December 2019, the Stop the Sweeps Pdx coalition (groups listed below) demanded an end to sweeps.
Despite the rapidly growing Covid-19 pandemic, the City of Portland and ODOT are still sweeping people. Sweeps kill under the best of circumstances. During a pandemic, they are a death sentence to those being swept and also to the broader community.

We urge you to call and email the elected officials listed at the bottom of this message, and demand that they fully STOP the SWEEPS and immediately insitute the following, which will help flatten the curve and is fully in line with health care authorities’ recommendations:

  1. Access to health and hygiene supplies, including 150 more handwashing stations and bathrooms; 
  2. Onsite medical support for houseless people, where they live; 
  3. Access to safe, open spaces for respite (this includes NO SWEEPS, including for people living in vehicles);
  4. Allow the construction of improvised shelters; free up public land and buildings for encampments; 
  5. Housing/hotel accommodations for all houseless people who want one; 
  6. Clean shelters that are open 24/7 and that practice good hygiene for clients and workers; 
  7. Moratorium on arrests for crimes of poverty;
  8. Prioritize those who are MOST vulnerable, including BIPOC, unhoused folx, and others in receiving life-saving treatment;
  9. Allow houseless people to practice basic hygiene, acquire food, sleep, pursue income and resources, assemble together, and carry out other survival activities even during the “Stay home, Stay safe” executive order
  10. Allow volunteers to provide for the provision of support and supplies to houseless people even during the “Stay home, Stay safe” executive order.
  11. Homes For All: Open up unoccupied homes to anyone who needs one. Housing is a human right.

Mayor Ted Wheeler

Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Commissioner Joann Hardesty

Office of Management and Finance CAO

City Council Clerk <

Chair Deborah Kafoury,

Sharon Meiran, District 1,

Susheela Jayapal, District 2,

Jessica Vega Pederson, District 3,

Lori Stegman, District 4,

Governor Kate Brown (503) 378-4582

Stop the Sweeps coalition members:
Sisters of the Road | Right 2 Survive | Greater Portland Trans Unity | Glitter Squadron
Portland Assembly | Western Regional Advocacy Project | National Lawyers Guild

With support from dozens of other organizations!

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