SNOW is coming… Denver, Colorado

Posted on January 31, 2020 by Jonathan

Call out for winter gear!! It is gonna snow next week – probably Monday and Tuesday. With all the sweeps lately many people have lost their gear and have nothing. NOTHING. People come by our office every day asking for basic survival gear. Please donate the following to our office or directly to someone in need next week.

-Tents ($25)*

-Tarps ($6)
-Sleeping Bags ($30)
-Blankets ($20)
-Handwarmers ($6)
-Good gloves ($15)

*All prices listed are average price at Walmart. Also you can get these at a thrift store for cheep.

Bring items to the DHOL office (2260 California St Denver CO) anytime Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm
Or call us at 720-940-5291 to arrange another time
Or give items directly to people on the streets who need these things

At our main meeting this week one of our members told of how he had to watch his friend’s toe fall off from frostbite the other day. Having proper warm gear could have saved this man’s toe. Please keep this in mind… Lives are literally at stake.


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