Hearing on Motion to Dismiss Camping Ban Case as Unconstitutional Is October 11th!! Denver, Colorado

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Jonathan

We move from one case to the next! Now that people’s property has some basic rights, we are taking the Survival Ban to court to defend the human rights. Mark your calendar for Friday October 11th 8:30am at the Lindsey Flanagan Court House. This will be a hearing on the motion challenging the constitutionality of Denver’s survival ban was filed by Andy McNulty of Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP. The motion spells out the myriad ways the “unauthorized camping ban” (better called survival ban) violates the United States and Colorado Constitutions. The challenge comes because Denver is again trying to criminalize Jerry Burton for simply trying to survive while homeless.

Remember Your Property Rights on the Streets
Just a reminder, last week the Judge ruled in favor of our class action lawsuit settlement to codify the following basic property rights:
-The City cannot take or threaten to take people’s property without written notice attached to one’s property 48hours in advance
-The City cannot take or threaten to take people’s property at a large encampment without written notice 7 days in advance
-The City cannot trash any property that is defined as property in the settlement, but rather they must store it for 60 days

It is important to clarify here… your property has some rights, but you as a human being are still illegal until we get ride of the Survival Ban.

The 100th day is coming… it is Oct 22nd… Time for City Council take some action…
#Rights, Not Slights
#Services, Not Sweeps
#Housing, Not Warehousing



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