Police KICK Man Awake for “Illegally” Sleeping. Denver, Colorado

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Jonathan

On Saturday night about 9pm the group of people sleeping on the corner of Park Ave and 24th were woken by police kicking them awake telling them to move as they were breaking the survival ban law. Watch interview with a man browsed by police kicking him awake. Video Here

100 DAYS OF ACTION for Rights, Dignity, and Housing – mark your calendar for August 19th

August 19th 2pm – 6pm will be the first of the 3rd Monday City Hall Takeovers. Here is the flow for Monday…
2:00pm – Gather, Eat, Get t-shirts, Split into groups for council members
2:45pm – Go inside
3:15pm – Knock council doors
3:45pm – Teach-in
4:15pm – Prep for Public Comment, Knock more council doors
4:45pm – Gather in City Hall
5:00pm – Public Comment
5:30pm – Council meeting for those who want to stay, others head out…

#Rights, Not Slights #Services, Not Sweeps #Housing, Not Warehousing

Denver Homeless Out Loud Main Meeting
Join us for our weekly main DHOL meeting this Wednesday 8/14 4:45-7pm at 2260 California st Denver CO 80205 (purple building shared with Centro Humanitarian)


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