“Its OUR Government” August 19th 2-6pm at City Hall Denver, CO. 100 DAYS OF ACTION for Rights, Dignity, and Housing #100DaysofAction

Posted on August 7, 2019 by Jonathan

First Third Monday City Hall Takeover – “Its OUR Government,” August 19th, 2-6pm at City Hall Denver, CO.

Homelessness was the number one issue talked about in the 2019 campaigns. The Mayor and City Council Candidates all made promises to “do better” and address the crisis of mass homelessness in Denver when in office.
Well, now is the time to keep those promises.

On the third Monday of every month the 100 days is counting we will make City Hall the people’s house – it is our government and we are gonna act like that. Those working in city hall need to hear from the people what is really going on in the streets and in our communities. We will be speaking directly with council members about our experiences and demands for immediate action to decriminalize homelessness, provide services instead of sweeps, and make housing attainable for all.

Read our Plan for Rights, Dignity, and Housing

#Rights, Not Slights #Services, Not Sweeps #Housing, Not Warehousing

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Denver Homeless Out Loud

in partnership with…
9to5 Colorado
Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
Colorado Poor People’s Campaign
Colorado Village Collaborative
Denver Alliance for Street Health Response
Empowerment Program
Harm Reduction Action Center
Western Regional Advocacy Project


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Phone – 720-940-5291
Facebook – Denver Homeless Out Loud
#100 Days of Action


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