Denver, CO. The Fight for the Right to Survive Continues… We have no choice…

Posted on May 22, 2019 by Jonathan

Jerry Burton Charged with “Survival Ban” and Taking it to Court

On Monday April 29th 2019 at 1am in the morning, Jerry Burton was ticketed again with a “survival ban” (camping ban) ticket for using protection from the elements. On Tuesday May 28th 2019 at 8:30am he will go before the judge and put this law under question for its constitutionality.

On the day Jerry was ticketed he and the twenty or so other homeless people who had been surviving with him – sticking together for safety and community they called Jerr-E-ville – had been forced by police to move three times in the past three days. This time, after being exhausted from packing their things and hauling them across the city under constraint police pressure, they decided to move far away from downtown in a less visible place to hopes to be left alone and get some sleep. But at 12midnight police rolled up and woke them all with threats of arrest if they did not pack up and leave. This is when Jerry was ticketed.

Come to the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse on Tuesday May 28th at 8:30am to support.
The Fight for the Right to Survive Continues… We have no choice…
The Right to Survive Initiative was placed on the ballot by poor and homeless people who said “enough is enough”.  We can not let the City continue to use our police to chase us around the city with nowhere to go. This campaign has made homelessness the number one conversation in the election.  Thus forcing city leaders to be confronted by communities all over the city with the reality that policies of criminalizing homelessness do not work.

So NOW what…??
To City Hall, to the courts, to the streets… to work…

There is a runoff election for Mayor and five City Council seats on June 4th. Every Mayoral candidate except Hancock supports repealing the camping ban and 75% of City Council candidates supported repeal of the camping ban. (Check out this voters guide for where they stand
Over the past few weeks Mayor Hancock has directed police to be in full force against “illegal camping” (aka public survival). Sweeps and camping ban enforcement have been pretty much non-stop all across the city. Night after night people are being awoken at midnight or 3am told if they don’t pack up and leave “somewhere out of sight” they face arrest. Even in the rain.
Let’s end this inhumanity and insanity. 

Denver Homeless Out Loud Main Meeting
Join us for our weekly main DHOL meeting this Wednesday 5/22 4:45-7pm at 2260 California st Denver CO 80205 (purple building shared with Centro Humanitarian)


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