We’re no fools! Gentrification hurts everyone!

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Jonathan

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As many of you are well aware, WRAP’s home office since we started in 2005 is in the 104-year-old Redstone Labor Temple Building located in the Mission District of San Francisco.  We are proud to have our home office co-located with kick-ass groups such as El/La Para Translatinas, The LAB, an interdisciplinary artists’ organization, and the International Indian Treaty Council and within this building that has supported social and human rights organizing throughout its history.

In 2004, the Redstone Labor Temple was awarded San Francisco Landmark status. However, this status does not protect the building from being sold to the highest bidder and potentially gutted. Like many arts and movement supporting buildings, we are struggling to keep this resource within our community due to the high, high cost – and price – of massive gentrification.
Gentrification in San Francisco is horrifying but it is not unique nor is it unusual and it is happening in each of the cities where WRAP core and allied members live and operate.  This singular focus on profit and gentrification creates massive and crushing displacement of community-serving organizations, the people who work in them, and the people who rely on them for their health and survival.
No system of profit will consent to the existence of those working for a new system based on human and planet rights.  While crushing and displacing us may be the goal, it will not succeed. It takes more than snatching up our office spaces to stop us.  We have so much more going for us than they do – including you, our amazing community!

We will never stop!  When the work of WRAP – and other human rights defending groups – is no longer needed, we will just become the best place in town to hang out with really interesting, fun and kick-ass people!

“We will keep organizing and we will keep rising up together!”

With Solidarity and Thanks, from all of us at WRAP


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