Homeless Sweeps Class Action Lawsuit Final Pretrial Conference March 1st | Denver, Colorado

Posted on February 21, 2019 by Jonathan

Friday March 1, 2019
Rally 1pm, Hearing 2pm
US District Court of Colorado, 901 19th St Denver

After almost three years of litigation, all issues relating to trial will be addressed at the final pretrial conference on March 1st. Prior to the hearing there will be a rally with speakers, food and more outside the courthouse. Homeless Plaintiff Class members will speak about the violation of their constitutional rights in the City of Denver.

The lawsuit is against the City and County of Denver for violating homeless people’s 4th and 14th amendment rights when conducting sweeps and seizing people’s property. Evidence has been brought in this case over the past 3 years showing an ongoing practice by the city of sweeps where homeless people’s property is seized.


Due to the cities violation of constitutional rights the City has spent great amounts of money litigating this case. The City will continue to face the possibility of more lawsuits if they continue to violate constitutional rights.

Trial is set to begin March 19, 2019. Stay tuned.

Band plays at the action in the snow!
We Need Shelter Action
Lead by Kalyn called out shelters for not being accessible to people in wheelchairs or many other disabilities. The Rescue Mission does is not accessible for people in wheelchairs – people have to be carried up flights of stairs and if they have a motorized chair they do not even have that option.

You can still buy a Right to Survive Shirt on Bonfire!

Denver Homeless Out Loud Main Meeting
Join us for our weekly main DHOL meeting this Wednesday 2/20 4:45-7pm at 2260 California st Denver CO 80205 (purple building shared with Centro Humanitarian)


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