Posted on February 21, 2019 by Jonathan

    Wednesday, February 27, 2019
    2:00 PM at the Ross Camp
    Rain or shine
    There will be shelter from the rain, soup and hot coffee
    A workshop will be held outside the Ross Camp to teach those without
    housing how to file a Court Injunction to stop the closing of the Ross
    Camp. We will also work on broader strategies for self-defense when
    police improperly question, detain, cite, or arrest people who can’t
    afford housing.
    Attorney Anthony Prince will lead the workshop. He has experience in
    helping those without housing file injunctions, defend themselves in
    criminal court and to file class action suits. He has help those without
    housing in a number of California cities including Salinas, Marysville,
    and Chico.
    In April 2016, Marysville city officials posted 35-day eviction notices
    in the former Hollywood Trailer Park and Horseshoe area, and cleaned out
    the encampments that fall. Most people who left Hollywood simply moved
    across town to the “Jungle” or “Thorntree” encampments, according to
    Appeal-Democrat archives.
    Driving those living outside from the Chinatown area of Salinas left
    those evicted little choice but to set up a camp outside City Hall.
    It is time to stop talking and start implementing compassionate
    solutions for those who live outside. There is a global spotlight on the
    City of Santa Cruz and the exciting possibility that the city government
    is finally going to take concrete steps to comply with the Martin v.
    Boise Federal Court decision. This workshop is designed to help in this
    Call Conscience and Action
    831-423-4833 or 1-800-884-1136

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