Sing On! Letter of Support for Keeping the Redstone Labor Temple a Community Center

Posted on December 13, 2018 by Jonathan

Letter of Support for Keeping the Redstone Labor Temple a Community Center

We, the undersigned organizations, are committed to supporting the tenants of the Redstone Labor Temple in keeping the building a center for non-profit advocacy agencies, artists and cultural groups, and social and economic justice organizations.

For more than a century, the Redstone Labor Temple has served as a hub for organizations that advocate for economic and social justice in San Francisco. Built in 1914 by the San Francisco Labor Council, over the next 50 years the building was the focus of labor history. It was an epicenter of organizing for the San Francisco General Strike in support of the West Coast Longshore Workers’ Strike of 1934, and home to the first all-women’s union, Bookbinder’s Local 125. Since 1968, the building has been a center for social service organizations and non-profit community groups, small businesses, artists, and theater spaces. 

The Redstone Labor Temple represents the best of San Francisco’s history of solidarity and civic engagement. The building has adapted to changing economic and social conditions, but always retaining organizations with an extraordinary commitment to the lives of marginalized communities: immigrants, artists, precarious workers, domestic workers, queer people, the displaced and the homeless. It is an important resource for Latinx, arts, and politically progressive groups in San Francisco. The Redstone Labor Temple is a critical community resource, providing a space for organizing in the struggle to maintain the culture and community of the Mission District in the face of an unprecedented displacement crisis. The tenants of the Redstone Labor Temple are committed to keeping the building a community center of progressive organizing for both the Mission neighborhood and city-wide.

The Redstone Labor Temple is being targeted by the same forces of speculative capital that threaten to displace poor and working class people from all of San Francisco.

As groups committed to being in solidarity with the tenants of the Redstone Labor Temple in protecting the historic mission of the building, we call on the City and County of San Francisco to make all efforts to preserve the building as a community center.

If you are down to add your organization to the list of groups supporting this important community resource PLEASE contact Gary @
And sign on!!!

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Thank You So Much and Peace,
Redstone Labor Temple Association

If you’re not an Organization but want to support us,  sing this petition 

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