“Homeless Exclusion Districts” Report release media

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Jonathan

Clinic Study Details How Business Districts Target Homeless People

Report finds community benefit districts linked to displacement, harassment 

Business Improvement Districts Use Public Funds to Pursue Anti-Homeless Agenda, Advocates Say 

Business improvement districts are ‘anti-homeless,’ new UC Berkeley report says 

Community Benefit Districts Under Fire From Homeless Advocates 

Who has rights to public space in downtown Denver? 

UC Berkeley Study: Business Improvement Districts Criminalize Homelessness  

San Francisco businesses illegally harass the homeless, says study 

Business districts use public money to attack homeless people, study finds 

New study blames business groups for anti-homeless environment

End homeless-exclusion districts   

What Is Your Local Business Improvement District Funding? 

The case against the Downtown Berkeley Association and business improvement districts

Houselessness advocacy group protests business improvement districts

The Complex Realities of Private Dollars for Public Spaces 

Study: Business Improvement Districts Use Your Tax Dollars to Harass Homeless People

Who Is the “Neighborhood” in Neighborhood Improvement Efforts?

Mission Dolores residents tired of trash and homeless encampments, explore forming a “green benefit district”  

The Complex Realities of Private Dollars for Public Spaces

Improvement or exclusion

We can’t solve homelessness until we understand how we’ve made it worse. What’s good for businesses and property owners only hurts the homeless.


Homeless Exclusion Districts. Press Conference, San Francisco, CA 

Homeless Exclusion Districts Saint Mary’s Locking Arms for Civil Rights Press Conference, San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles Press Conference: Homeless Exclusion Districts, facebook video

Homeless Exclusion Districts. Press Conference – Niki Jones | Sacramento, CA


Homeless Exclusion Districts. Press Conference – Faygo | Sacramento, CA


Homeless Exclusion Districts. Press Conference – Cathleen Williams | Sacramento, CA



Denver Press Conference: Homeless Exclusion Districts


Portland Press Conference: Homeless Exclusion Districts




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