Right to Rest! Why do we have mass homelessness? What has the response been? #2

Posted on February 9, 2018 by Jonathan

Right to Rest!
Why do we have mass homelessness? What has the response been? #2

Getting ready to bring the Right to Rest to the legislators of Colorado this 2018?!!?

Why do we have mass homelessness?

Mass homelessness is a systemic problem, not in individual one. Read this zine about what happened to our low income housing and where mass homelessness came from.
The Crisis of Homelessness and Housing

What has the response been to mass homelessness?

This same zine addresses this question. In short…services and criminalization have been the response. But a lack of job training or drug abuse classes did not cause mass homelessness nor will to end it. Housing will. This approach to service as the answer to homelessness does not work.
Without Housing and HBR Power Point

Furthermore using criminalization to try to move people into shelters and services does not help anyone.
Criminalization does not connect people to services

And as we get ready for the Right to Rest Hearing…
Come to Testimony Prep day for the Right to Rest!
Saturday February 17th, 2-4pm 2018
At Denver Homeless Out Loud office 2260 California St. Denver CO 80205
The Right to Rest Act is a state bill that would protect our right to sleep, sit, lay down, use blankets and tents, sleep in your vehicle, and otherwise survive in public space!
This bill will be going to the state capitol for a vote very soon…(like within a month or less…we just don’t know the date yet). The legislators need to hear your stories! They need to hear from you why we need the right to rest!
Come to testimony prep day to learn more about the bill, how the testimony process works, and practice your testimony!



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