Colorado Right to Rest! What it is – What you can do #1

Posted on February 5, 2018 by Jonathan

This is the time to educate yourself on what the right to rest is and what you can do to be part of the movement to make the right to rest reality. Over the next couple weeks we will send out a serious of emails with information about this bill answering questions like “What does this bill do and not do?”, “Why do we have mass homelessness?”, “What has the response been to mass homelessness?”, “How do laws against survival effect people?”, “How is this connected to other struggles?”, and “What can we do?”. We hope you can take the time to read these materials as we send them out and get ready to bring the Right to Rest to the legislators of Colorado this 2018!!

What does the Right to Rest bill do and not do?

Well… this is the bill as introduced. Read it. (Note: the language will change a bit but it is the same core and rights which will be protected)
The Bill 18-1067

Here is the basics… We sure as heck work on addressing the causes of homelessness and the solution to homelessness (aka housing!) but this bill is about our survival and rights right now on the streets.
R2R half sheet

So does this bill mean that people can throw trash about and block the sidewalk? NO!
R2R does and does not

There is a longer FAQ and a ton more resources on the site. Read them!
More resources


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