Lawsuit Pre-Trial Hearing Postponed

Posted on October 27, 2017 by Jonathan

The judge gave notice that the pre-trial hearing for the sweeps class action lawsuit previously set for November 8th is being postponed. The reason given is due to the fact that we are still waiting on a ruling on the motion for summary judgment filed by both us and the city. In normal language that means, we won’t have the pre-trial hearing until after the judge decides if the case will go to trial or be ruled on without a trial. (Note – we are probably going to trial…so get ready…). So…

No hearing on November 8th. Stay tuned for a new date in the coming months.

If you did not yet watch the Vice documentary on the sweeps, housing, weed, and homelessness in Denver you should do so! (Note: however you have to have special technology to watch this…so you may need to download things to make it play)

As this lawsuit continues to stretch on… we continue to face sweeps on a daily bases on the streets. And as winter is coming…people’s lives are at risk without proper survival gear which is illegal under the survival ban. Remember this…and lets press on and stay strong.


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