Taking back Día de Muertos

Posted on October 26, 2017 by Jonathan

It’s not ‘Mexican Halloween’: Tired of watching their beloved holiday being appropriated into Portland’s Halloween festivities, two organizers at UNA Gallery are taking back Dia de Muertos with their own traditional celebration prioritizing people of color.

Climate justice on the ballot: A Portland coalition plans to soon file a ballot initiative that would impose a revenue tax on the largest corporations operating in the city. It would fund an equitable transition toward renewable energy.

The impacts of illegal camping: With the housing crisis pushing people out of their homes, more and more are turning to our parks, forests and other natural areas. Now, resource managers are partnering with environmentalists and homeless advocates to find solutions.

Sexy enchantress or miserable hag? What society’s infatuation with witches says about its view of powerful women.

Plus, you’ll find a profile of Street Roots vendor Hadrian Micciche, who sells outside the Hollywood Library, Director Israel Bayer’s weekly column, lots of street poetry written by our talented vendors, and, of course, puzzles!

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