It was reported by the Portland Tribune that Ibrahim Mubarak was arrested on drug charges back in May, here is Right 2 Survive,Inc. Offical Statement

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Jonathan

Right 2 Survive,Inc.

It was reported by the Portland Tribune that Ibrahim Mubarak was arrested on drug charges back in May. Ibrahim is a longtime leader of the houseless rights movement in Portland, dedicating the last twenty years of his life and is the founder of Right 2 Survive,Inc. He is also highly sought after by groups across the country for his invaluable experience in organizing and serving the houseless communities. Ibrahim he is a leader in building Oregon legislation that will provide basic protections for the human rights of people experiencing houselessness under the Right To Rest Act.

Ibrahim serves our community in many ways including assisting houseless people who are forcibly involved in “SWEEPS”. He often is transporting their belongings, thereby safekeeping them from removal and destruction during relocation. Sweeps are a wasteful use of public resources, a form of oppression and makes it more difficult to climb out of poverty. Nevertheless, sweeps continue to be employed by local leaders as a primary method of interacting with houseless people. Last May, Ibrahim was detained by police and illegal drugs are alleged to have been found in his vehicle right after finishing help to a houseless person moving their belongings from a threatened sweep. We believe that if they had stayed at the intended “SWEEP” location they would have lost all of their vital gear, shelter, personal items and Ibrahim was acting in good faith and high moral character when transporting them and their possessions.

Ibrahim is a Muslim and an observant practicer of Islam. Ibrahim does not participate in the use or condone illegal drugs. He also is not in the practice of inspecting the personal belongings of the people he helps. Ibrahim will help anyone who needs it, regardless of their personal background or challenges. Ibrahim has dedicated his life to service in the houseless community by helping to create legislation, meet with City leaders and forming self governing villages and rest areas across the country. Ibrahim’s co founding of Dignity Village and Right 2 Dream Too are models studied in schools across the world. Young adults seek Ibrahim out to train them in activism and organization. He is also asked to provide references for employment and housing.

While Ibrahim has been charged with a crime, the unaddressed crime is the epidemic of unconstitutional seizures of personal property by public and private security forces. Everyone of Right 2 Survive members, allies and supporters urges the District Attorney to recognize the impossible situation that houseless people and their allies find themselves in when forced to defend the right of people to simply live, and to immediately drop these absurd charges. The stands you take here will have an impact on any and all houseless advocates and outreach workers and their ability to serve as Samaritans to the houseless community.


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