DHOL Weekly Updates and Main Meeting 2/1

Posted on February 1, 2017 by Jonathan

2017 Right 2 Rest Fest Rocks the Socks of the Capitol!


Over 300 people showed up to the State Capitol on Friday to speak up for the Right to Rest! Over 20 people spoke, all most all of whom are currently or formerly homeless and directly affected by the criminalization of survival. We also heard from our bill Sponsor Representative Joe Salazar who is taking the charge again this year along with Representative Jovan Melton to bring the Right to Rest through the House of Representatives. The Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, 9to5 Colorado, Denver Justice Project, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, and the ACLU among other organizations who have endorsed the bill also spoke. We had rad music, amazing food (thanks to the donations of Sexy Pizza, Jimmy Johns, Food Not Bombs, and others!), and good times all around!
Watch videos of the speeches at the Fest on the Out Loud you tube page here

One Sweep Leads to Another…
After sweep of Denagro street community many moved down river and facing sweep again Wednesday 2/1/17 8:30am
After folks were moved from the camp on Denargo between Delgany and Arkins, with no where else to go…some of the folks moved just down to the river below this area. This community has been resilient as can be sticking together in the midst of intense sweeps which are meant to split them apart and scatter them down the river out of sight. Police told folks on Friday when they came back to sweep again that they just needed to be “out of sight.” But what that means is “move far away where you can’t access resources” and “split apart from your community so you are less visible.” These things are life threatening for many in this community due to personal heath issues. But in stead of caring about this reality the city prefers to continue to push folks “out of sight…”
People at this camp could use some resources and support!

Here are some things that folks can do to help in these impending sweeps.

1) Be a witness with a camera on site. If you do this be respectful of people who do not want to be on camera (it is always good to ask). But always video the cops.

2) Bring needed stuff including…
-Hand warmers

3) Drive people and things.

Denver Homeless Out Loud Main Meeting
Join us for our weekly main DHOL meeting this Wednesday 2/1 4:45-7pm
at 2260 California St Denver CO 80205

Working Group Meeting Times

Meets every Tuesday 5:30pm whole group at the DHOL office
Get Loud:
Meets Tuesdays and Fridays 1pm-3pm at the DHOL office
Homeless Bill of Rights:
Meets every Wednesday at 2:30pm at the DHOL office

Contact us at or 720-940-5291


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