Unhoused people silenced by Oregon legislature

Unhoused people silenced by Oregon legislature

In an unprecedented act of disrespect, the Right To Rest Act HB – 215 will not get a chance for a hearing in Oregon this year. In spite of an unprecedented seven co-sponsors, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Representative…

WRAP annual report is out and in your mailbox!

WRAP 2016 Annual Report is out and in your mailbox , even though it is the first one we have done in the 12 years WRAP has been in existence! But we thought this year, more than ever, it was…

People Go on Trial for Survival Ban April 4th, 2017

When: April 4th (and likely 5th and 6th), Press Conference at 7:15am, 8am-5pm(ish) 2017 Where: Lindsay Flanagan Courthouse (520 w Colfax Ave Denver CO 80204) On April 4th, 2017 at 8am the Lindsay Flanigan Courthouse Jerry Burton, Terese Howard and…