#Right2Rest back and stronger than ever!

Senator Carol Liu Introduces Legislation Protecting the Civil Rights of Homeless Individuals Sacramento. California State Senator Carol Liu (D – La Cañada Flintridge) has introduced a new bill designed to end discrimination against people experiencing homelessness. SB 876 prohibits law…

Honor the legacy – Organize for All!

The Time to Organize is Now! If ever there was a time to organize, it is now. Property and business owners are creating private “Business Improvement Districts” (BIDs) to police downtown areas across the country. The stated goal is to…

Major news: California Right To Rest Act SB 608

Hey Everyone! There is a mayor update about the Right2Rest. As you all know, WRAP California members made considerable amendments and changes to SB 608 in anticipation for this session. After much consideration, Senator Liu has decided to pull SB…

Capturing the revolution, the activist behind the camera.

Janny Castillo, once homeless with her four young children, has become a masterful organizer and multi-media expert in our community. Janny works at St. Mary’s Center in Oakland as the Hope and Justice Coordinator and worked at Building Opportunities for…

Give the gift of resistance this holiday!

In this issue we highlight just of few of the amazing acts of resistance happening in local communities in Colorado, Oregon and California – Resistance is not only beautiful, it is so so so (not ho ho ho) necessary !!!…

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