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In April of 2014 members of Denver Homeless Out Loud hit the streets with questionnaires to document homeless people’s experiences with police and private security, shelters, and basic survival on the streets. Soon after groups in Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Boulder, Colorado Springs and other cities/towns through Colorado join on and started gathering these same questionnaires on the streets in those cities. In November 2014 we examined the findings and determined the rights which would be in the Right to Rest Act based on the activities people were being negatively impacted by the most and which are acts of survival which all people must do. Through street outreach in Colorado we came to the same core rights as California and Oregon came to through street outreach.

At this time we in Colorado joined Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP)! Together with WRAP we wrote the Right to Rest Act.

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Campaign Materials

Right to Rest Act Summary
Cost Analysis
Criminalization Fact Sheet
Talking Points
Frequently Asked Questions


No Right to Rest Report
To High a Price Report
Denver Camping Ban

Colorado WRAP Members:

Denver Homeless Out Loud


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Get Involved with the Campaign

The best way to get involved with the Colorado Statewide Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign is to get in touch with one of the WRAP core members to find out about working on the local level to push for change on the state level.

Some other ways to get involved:

  • Invite Colorado organizers to come to your community and hold a forum to talk about criminalization and the Homeless Bill of Rights campaign.
  • Participate in WRAP’s street outreach to people on the streets in your neighborhood to hear their experiences and build a collective voice around criminalization.
  • Provide connections with universities who want to do research on criminalization or others who want to support moving anti-criminalization legislation.
  • Donate to WRAP or the 1 core member of WRAP in Colorado.

If you have questions about the campaign you can write to us or call us:

Social Media

You can contact Denver Homeless Out Loud at on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Check out Denver Homeless Out Loud’s publication Get Loud here.


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Denver Camping Ban