House Keys Not Sweeps



Houseless people often live in communities or “encampments” for their safety and well being. Belongings and community are necessary for survival, but private and public agencies have deemed both these things illegal and are aggressively and violently policing, sweeping, harassing and attacking our houseless neighbors. They are evicted from their encampments and their life preserving belongings are repeatedly stolen.

These cruel and unnecessary acts are an extraordinary waste of resources and cause serious harm. Clearly our governments are not choosing the real solutions to homelessness– human rights, livable incomes, healthcare, jobs, or a reinstatement of federal affordable housing funding. 

Thirty-seven years after the advent of contemporary homelessness, it is time this country realize that we will not disappear nor cease to exist. We are demanding our rights and fighting like hell for ALL people to be treated with the dignity and respect ALL people deserve.


This summer, the Systemic Justice Project—a policy innovation group created by Harvard Law School students—worked with local organizers to create Know Your Rights pamphlets for all ten of the communities banded together in the Stop the Sweeps campaign. Over the course of their research into local ordinances and constitutional protections, each of the interns remarked on how—while technically and theoretically unhoused people maintain rights the state must adhere to—basic civil rights are uniformly ignored, violated, and worked around. 

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