Denver, CO. Sweep update 5/3-5/7/21

Posted on May 7, 2021 by Jonathan

SWEEPS this week began on Tuesday 5/4 at 9th and Acoma. Approximately 10 people were displaced. Once again, EHS workers began before the scheduled posted time.

SWEEPS continued on Wednesday 5/5 at 4th and Broadway and 4th and Grant. We had good communication with the (Homeless Outreach Team) HOT team that day and were able to salvage a portable toilet provided by mutual aid volunteers. A resident at the camp, a Lakota woman was offered (and took) a long term motel stay with services to connect her to permanent housing. Approximately 6 people were displaced.

SWEEPS continued on Thursday 5/6 at S. Elati and W. Asbury St. This camp was directly adjacent to CDOT property. The fencing was so far from the camp that the only vantage point was on the overpass above the location. Approximately 10 people were displaced.
SWEEPING people doesn’t work. Homelessness ends with housing. While that housing is being procured we need real on the ground solution. We need parameters for unsanctioned encampments. We need trash and sanitation (places to pee and poop) services and a pathway to safe, accessible and affordable housing for all. We march Onward towards Rights, Dignity and Housing…


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