Denver, CO. SWEEPS Update 3/22-3/26

Posted on March 25, 2021 by Jonathan

This week we saw 3 Traumatic Displacement SWEEPS in the city of Denver. Tuesday at 500 Quivas where approximately 50 people were forced to move to nowhere. This camp was tucked out of the way. They were being supported by mutual aid groups. The camp was actively collecting garbage and placing it at the end of the camp where the city stated they would come and collect it and did not. One camp resident was so overwhelmed that he went into his tent and shot up. A mutual aid worker was unable to wake him. DPD administered Narcan and when the man came to he was directed to keep moving. He was not offered any medical care or services….Just move along.

On Wednesday we saw the city traumatically displace people through the SWEEPING of 3 camps with approximately 70 people living at them in the Ballpark neighborhood. Several folks waited for the fence to come down and went right back to the same spot. SWEEPING people does not work!

Today, 12 officers and extensive fencing were “needed” to. remove 4 tents. Fencing was pushed out an additional half block forcing the children from the adjacent child care facility to have to walk in the street against traffic to gain entry. STOP THE INSANITY! The commodification of humans for profit must cease! We need to stop turning against one another and understand that THIS issue is central to all issues: The right to exist on this planet.  No one should have to live in a tent. We need to unite and demand HOUSING FOR ALL from our leaders.


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