Denver, CO. SWEEPS Update week of 1/18-1/22/21

Posted on January 22, 2021 by Jonathan

This week the City of Denver conducted 2 SWEEPS. Yesterday (1/21/21) at 5th and Lincoln and today (1/22/22) at 6th and Broadway. 

Many of the residents of these encampments left prior to the City SWEEP. There were 3 remaining tents at 5th and Lincoln with 10 DPD officers present. There was 1 remaining resident at 6th and Broadway with a whopping 14 DPD officers present!! Here is a picture of a perfectly good tent at 5th and Lincoln being scooped up and thrown into the trash truck.

There were 14 DPD officers present to traumatically displace ONE disabled man from 6th and Broaway. He didn’t even have a tent.

SWEEPS don’t work! The folks at the 6th and Broadway camp all relocated within 2 blocks. OUR tax dollars would be better spent on HOUSING!!! Until then, our city needs to address the pandemic by providing trash and sanitation services to ALL residents. The game of whack-a-mole with humans has got to end.



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