Denver, CO. SWEEPS update

Posted on January 7, 2021 by Jonathan

Yesterday morning, once again, our city’s DDPHE, DOTI, EHS, DFD, and DPD were out traumatically displacing our unhoused community members. Fencing went up YESTERDAY around 4:30pm. Approximately 20 Denver residents were traumatically displaced by the very people charged with serving and protecting them.

This morning at 11th and Acoma fencing went up at 5am. Approximately 40 people were traumatically displaced by our city. There was a greater police presence to traumatically displace residents they swore to serve and protect than were present yesterday at the Capitol when hundreds of Trump supporters protested in riot gear for hours. We can clearly see whose interests our city seeks to protect.

Towards Dignity, Right, Housing….

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