Portland, OR. Laurelhurst Park sweep update

Posted on November 12, 2020 by Jonathan

Hi everyone,

Here are some links to the coverage from today’s rally. the number of attendance was fluctuating. it was documented to be between 50 to 150 at its highest point. 


-Beacon PDX


-Shield PDX

-Stop the Sweeps


-Sisters of the Road

-The Village Coalition

-Right 2 Survive  

-Veterans For Peace: Chapter 72  

-Defense Fund PDX

-People’s Neighborhood Legal Collective

-Free Hot Soup

-Free Lunch Collective

-Snack Bloc

-The People’s Store

-Stroll PDX

-Portland Assembly

-Portland Freedom Fund


-Care Not Cops

-Individuals For Justice

-Portland Harbor Community Coalition

-Boots On The Ground PDX

Media Coverage:

  1. mercury article from Alex Zielinski
  2. katu article
  3. koin article
  4. twitter feed updates from Alissa Azar, independent journalist
  5. twitter feed from Justin Yau (you have to scroll down a bit and seek it out

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