Denver, CO. Support Needed for Houseless Residents Living in Lincoln Park Affected by Police Violence and Racism

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Jonathan

As Racism and Police Terror continue to dominate our country, it is due time we the people rise in outcry to this injustice. Racism is at the root of mass homelessness in the US – over 50% or the nation’s homeless population is black, with only 12% of the general population is black. Police terrorize people for being homeless, forced to survive in public, every day. These fights are all tied together.

In the aftermath of Police violence against protesters the past few days, houseless residents living around Lincoln Park (Colfax and Broadway) have been caught up in this Police violence. Below is a list of ways houseless residents have been affected and ways you can support this community. This is not a comprehensive list, but comes directly from the residents of this camp.

At least 3 people (known of thus far) were arrested for curfew last night – in spite of being homeless and having no way to “go home” at the curfew hour. Any legal support for these folks would be great (but we have to figure out there full legal names first)!

Two tents were damaged – one burt by police smoke bomb, one ripped in the chaos. Both of these tents were large 6-8 man tents. If anyone can donate two large tents to replace these that’d would be much appreciated by the residents!

They also need large – at least 12 by 12 foot – tarps to cover those tents.

Other needs of the camp residents include but are not limited to…
-Trash Bags

If you are able to donate the large tents to replace the once taken, please contact us or bring them to the DHOL office so we can get them to the right people at the camp. If you are able to donate any of the other supplies, feel free to bring them straight down to the camp any time! Or feel free to bring them to our DHOL office and we will get them there if you cannot.

2260 California St Denver CO 80205







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