Call Pastini in support of the houseless and the right to share food in public space! Jobs with Justice Community Action Alert! Call Pastini today! (503) 863-5188

Posted on November 23, 2019 by Jonathan

Tell them that we support our houseless community members, and that we will #BoycottPastini until they end their war on our the houseless and on our first amendment right to gather in public spaces to share mutual aid and services with each other.
Whose park? OUR PARK!!

Emails released by the Willamette Week have revealed that new parks department regulations targeting volunteer groups that feed houseless people in Director Park were put in place by Commissioner Nick Fish after a threat from the local Italian restaurant chain Pastini, which has a restaurant near the park.

We will never let profit, greed, and corporate business interests rule and criminalize mutual aid, sharing, and solidarity in our community!

Let’s show Pastini that our community supports our houseless neighbors! Give them a call today and let them know that Portland fights back against this kind of bigotry, against the criminalization of the houseless, and against the criminalization of our first amendment right to gather in public space to share mutual aid!Port

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