Council Votes Down ALL Budget Amendments – Unwilling to Move Money to Prioritize the Needs of the Poor | Denver, CO

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Jonathan

On Monday, Councilwomen CdeBaca brought forward 8 budget amendments that would moved money from bloated administration and failed departments into basic needs including public bathrooms, lockers for homeless people, and expansion of the Day Works “Sweep Trash Not People” employment.
Even though city council had collectively agreed to these proposals in their budget request to the Mayor, the minute the Mayor denied these requests and it was up to council to move funds to meet these needs, council backed off of taking action.
Councilmen Hinds was the only member who consistently voted with Candi in support of the amendments. A few other council members did vote in support of a couple of the amendments.

It is as if these council members have never had to make hard budgeting choices. As Councilwomen CdeBaca said, “When I was growing up and we had to make a choice between paying the rent or paying the electricity or buying food … you have to take from the food budget if you want to keep a roof over your head.”
Which is literally what this means for folks on the street living without a roof over our heads…


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