Judge Rules to Approve Homeless Sweeps Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Jonathan

After 3 years of litigation we finally have codified in law the most basic of property rights for people living without housing in Denver. We have raised our voices in a movement of the poor and homeless to be seen and heard. This battle was won…the war is ongoing… Yesterday, federal Judge Martinez ruled to approve the settlement agreement. The procedures put in law by this settlement to protect people’s constitutional right to property and due process will not fully stop the city from sweeping people.

In order to fully stop this the Survival Ban must be repealed. The lawsuit settlement does, however, stop the city from the following:
-They cannot take or threaten to take people’s property without written notice attached to one’s property 48hours in advance
-They cannot take or threaten to take people’s property at a large encampment without written notice 7 days in advance
-They cannot trash any property that is defined as property in the settlement, but rather they must store it for 60 days

No more city sweeps crew rampaging through the city taking people’s wheelchair, tents, backpacks, laptops, with no notice. Just in the past 3 month we have seen all of these things taken by the city with no notice in violation of the settlement. From this point forward if they do that, we take them right back to court for violation of the settlement. We have rights and we will enforce them.

So much goes out to attorneys Jason Flores Williams and Andrew McNulty for their stedfast, heartfelt work on this case. These battles are won with lawyers like these.

onward toward rights, dignity, and housing…



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