San Francisco, CA. SB 1045 Hearing is on MONDAY 5/13 AT 10 AM PEOPLE WE NEED MASSIVE TURNOUT!

Posted on May 9, 2019 by Jonathan

As you likely know, a funky new form of conservatorship has been passed at the state level that needs local approval by our BOS to put in place.  This ill conceived bill that did not bother with mental health consumer or disability rights input on its drafting moves us away from the standard of harm to self or others or gravely disabled.  Instead, this proposal relies on 8 5150’s, Think about it, a medical professional does an assessment and decides they don’t meet the criteria for taking away civil liberties deciding they CAN care for themselves 8 times, and now they suddenly are qualified for a conservatorship because they CANNOT care for themselves. See Facebook Event

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