Homeless Art Exhibition in Berkeley, CA on March 9, 2019 | PRESS RELEASE First They Came For The Homeless

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PRESS RELEASE | First They Came For The Homeless
Homeless Art Exhibition in Berkeley, CA on March 9, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marcia Poole 510-549-3345

Creativity Unhoused;
Adaptation and Creativity that Moves the Movement

On March 9, 2019 an art show dealing with multiple aspects of homelessness within our communities will open at Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, sponsored by the advocacy group, First they Came for the Homeless. The main focus of the art will be on the efforts of homeless people to survive within urban environments and, especially, on the benefits created by the communities that develop within and around homeless encampments and shelters, as well as among people sleeping in the rough. The exhibition will explore the differing ways utilized by individuals in these communities to insure safety, solidarity, camaraderie, and other positive aspects of the communal experience. The show will also address the problems faced by the homeless on a daily basis.
The participating artists, homeless and housed, will be drawn from members of our community who have either experienced homelessness directly or have been touched by the plight of the homeless . This event will be the first opportunity for some of the participating homeless artists to display and sell their work in a professional gallery and will incorporate art in many different media, including painting, photography, printmaking, digital art, installation art, videos, sculpture, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and ceramics.

The participation of homeless artists will be facilitated through their collaboration with First They Came for the Homeless (which will provide access to materials as well as assistance in the presentation and submission of their work) and Expressions Gallery. Funds and materials for the effort will be secured through donations.
The Creativity Unhoused exhibit will run from March 9th, 2019 – May 24th, 2019 at Expressions Gallery, located at 2035 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, CA. Phone # 510-644-4930.

The gallery, one block from the Ashby BART station, is open Wednesdays through Saturdays, Noon – 5 PM and Sundays from Noon – 3 PM. The Opening Reception will be held at Expressions Gallery on Saturday evening, March 9th, from 6-8 PM and will feature local participating artists, musicians, and refreshments. The reception is free to the public.

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