Right to Rest! How do laws against survival effect people? #3

Posted on February 19, 2018 by Jonathan


Getting ready to bring the Right to Rest to the legislators of Colorado this 2018?!!? We still do not know the hearing date…but stay tuned and get ready!

How do laws against survival effect people?

The criminalization of homelessness puts people’s lives at risk. The health and safety effects of being forced to move to far away hidden areas, be woken at all hours of the night, have no where to settle with friends, loss gear, and so on are vast and very real. Sleep deprivation wears down the body and mind. The loss of survival gear, in the winter especially, leads to frostbite, hypothermia, and even death.
Read more on the Health and SafetyEffects

You can also read more about the daily effects of these laws against surviving in public from the mouths of 512 people living homeless in Denver in the camping ban report we conducted in 2013. For example, 64% of those we surveyed had moved to more hidden and secluded areas where they were less safe.
The Denver Camping Ban: A Report from the Streets



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