We are sooo Close to Done Building Beloved Community Village…! The last big push to Finish THIS Week is Here!

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Jonathan

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with the tiny homes!! We are too close… If all goes well we should be done this week…(yes we are saying that again after saying the same thing last week…but that is how things go with construction!) If you can come back and help or send the word to friends to come back and help we can use your help!

What needs to get done…
-Complete the roofing and siding
-Interior paneling on the bathhouse ceiling
-and of course there are some odds and ends…

We will be working Monday through Friday about 8am-3pm(ish).

If you come, wear hard soled shoes and pants.

We are looking for volunteers to bring coffee in the mornings and still need lunch for as well:)

Let us know if you can help!

Y’all rock!!


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