2018 Proposed HUD Cuts and more…

Posted on June 9, 2017 by Jonathan

With all the potential devastating damage in Trump’s Proposed 2018 budget – These massive cuts to housing and community programs are not generating the kind of media attention needed to fend off some seriously nasty stuff. Behind all the tweets, lies, hearings and overall bizarre neo-liberal dictator behavior is a seriously massive increase in homelessness, poverty and gentrification…

WRAP produced this fact sheet to provide a historical understanding of how proposed HUD budget cuts of 2018 have a direct link to a 38-year-cycle of draconian cuts to our nation’s affordable housing programs.

These cuts have a direct correlation to the creation of contemporary homelessness and the housing shortage impacting most major cities across the United States. A half-billion or even a billion dollar cut here and there may not sound so severe when looked at in isolation, given the size of the overall budget.

However, when we base these cuts in the history of federal neglect towards affordable housing, we can better understand our current crisis of homelessness.

Read the Fact Sheet Here

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