Beloved Community Village Needs You to Help Build!

Posted on June 8, 2017 by Jonathan

It’s been two and a half weeks of building and progress is real…but as fast as we are building they are not done yet and homes don’t just build themselves…

If you are free to help build TODAY (Thursday) or TOMORROW (Friday) we can use your help!!

We can also use food or coffee.

If you can help build please just go straight to the build site at 3733 Walnut st Denver CO any time today or tomorrow before 5pm. You can email or with questions but they cannot be on site today so expect slow replies.

When you go to work at the build site make sure and wear hard soled shoes and pants. If you have gloves that can be good because today is insulation day (but not the bad stuff! it is just foam stuff so don’t worry!). You will need to fill out a waver form when you get there.

Thanks to all who have helped so many hours in building this village!! You don’t know how much this means to everyone who will be living in this village and all apart of this movement for land and homes for all! 


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